Tastes Like Tuna

Tastes Like Tuna still

Dedication. Commitment. Consummation. A High Priestess of Pain and her Devoted Disciple immerse themselves in Holy Slaughter; Tastes Like Tuna brings you the edited highlights...

Mike Booth is over 30 but nobody believes it and he still finds it difficult to get served in bars. He started working as a freelance animator in 1995 and has made two short stop-motion films for Bristol-based studio bolexbrothers, The Saint Inspector (1996) and Little Dark Poet (1998). Since then he has run out of things he wants to animate and has moved towards making real films with proper live people in them; Tastes Like Tuna (2000) is his first live action film - a dramatized documentary focusing on the relationship between a man and woman who share a fetish for consensual cannibalism. (Credits) He now hopes to develop this short into a feature-length thriller. Anyone with a shitload of money who would like to get their name in the credits is welcome to contact Mike via bolexbrothers.

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