The Day Of The Subgenius

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A seven minute mixed media short about "The Brag Of The Sub Genius", An anti cult, cult with its enigmatic, bizarre and irreverent preacher "The Reverend Bob Dobbs" who has a bigger agenda than most. The idea was conceived after listening to the performance art piece by the infamous Texan artist Ivan Stang. This is the extraordinary story of the unnatural, hyper intelligent, ridiculed humanoid creations and their moment of glory.

The combination of desparent elements results in a film that is highly original and a visually eclectic burst of energy. The film was produced over a 12 week period as a no budget, experimental project during studio downtime. It features a wide range of styles and techniques including live action, stop-frame model and 3D computer generated images. Click here for the credits

Using minimal computer technology, we were able to create a stylised world in which any visual techniques can convincingly act with one another. This uninhibited way of working allows us to constantly give birth to new visual ideas and possibilities. Ideal for use in the realms of Music promos and advertising.It was completed just one hour before it's scheduled screening at the 'Brief Encounters' short film festival in Bristol and has since got the approval of Rev Ivan Stang himself.It now shows at Subgenius conventions.

The Church of Subgenius

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