Little Dark Poet

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Love,lust, guilt and disgust explored through a mixture of stop-motion animation and live action techniques. Little Dark Poet is a five-minute film that was completed in August 1998. Intended as a companion piece for the The Saint Inspector, the film features an animated poet watching his work come to life in a live-action setting.

The combination of animation and live-action was achieved in-camera without any computer aided post-production.

Firstly, two actors were filmed in silent movie style. Every frame of the black and white footage was then hand-painted by three unfortunate artists, and the newly-coloured images were projected on a screen behind the animated puppet. (Ray Harryhausen did the same thing, in Jason and the Argonauts..)

The animation shoot took eight weeks, with many of the same crew who made The Saint Inspector, (see credits for full crew list).

Little Dark Poet was jointly funded by Channel 4 and the Arts Council of England, being commissioned by Channel 4 on the strength of the treatment and Storyboards.

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