Keep In A Dry Place And Away From Children

Keep in a Dry place still

Chained to his cot, wings confiscated at birth, 'Ike' is a creature of the kitchen, half baby, half duck; but with every deranged dribble he comes closer to becoming more like the swan on the matchbox of his desire. (Credits)

Brief Biographies:

Martin Davies studied Illustration at Exeter College of Art and Design. He met a girl in a pink furry coat who did strange things with dolls, and went on to do similar things with various household objects. The soberest highlight of his college days was wondering along Waterloo Embankment in the rain carrying the Quay Brothers' umbrella. His graduation film "Wasp" was shown at three international festivals and won a secondhand Russian balaleika orchestra LP at Yaroslavl. In 1993 he met Dave Borthwick at bolexbrothers in Bristol, who gave him his first break assisting on Darren Walsh's film "The Biz"; he has been living and working in Bristol as a freelance model - maker and animator, moving it just a tiny bit, ever since!This dubious preoccupation finally drove him crazy during the making of "Keep In A Dry Place And Away From Children"!

Andy Brown studied Fine Art at Coventry University before moving to Bristol where he took part in several art events, including a solo exhibition at the King Street Gallery in 1995 called "Handyman" for which he won a Gold Poodle as his award for Best Individual Exhibition!At that time he joined, and is still part of a live performance group called Loose Canons,who performed their shows around the UK. In need of income he got a job at Elm Road Studios as a set builder, and became interested in film. This interest fueled his desire to combine his skills as an artist and performer, to broaden out and translate sculpture into movement, (something he normally only hallucinates about), and Ike was born.

The project was independently produced and financed by bolexbrothers Ltd., The Arts Council Lottery Department, South West Media Development Agency and Kodak.

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